Kill the Beast

Kill the Beast is a multi-award-winning comedy theatre company of which David is an Artistic Director. Renowned for combining darkly comic scripts, slick physical stagecraft and stunning visual design, Kill the Beast have made a name for themselves as creators of exciting and original comedy theatre.  Since their formation in 2012, they have written and produced three critically-acclaimed comedic productions, all of which have toured to theatres throughout the UK. All three shows ('The Boy Who Kicked Pigs', 'He Had Hairy Hands' and 'Don't Wake The Damp') were presented as part of the Kill the Beast Trilogy at Soho Theatre, in March 2017.

Kill the Beast's newest show 'Director's Cut' hit theatres in mid 2018, before heading to Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it performed to sell-out audiences.

For more info about Kill the Beast, visit their website here.

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

'Inventive, clever, gruesome and hilarious… a twisted triumph and an unmissable debut'
★★★★★ What’s On Stage

Kill the Beast's debut production, a  5* adaptation of the darkly comic story by Dr Who’s Tom Baker.

13 year old Robert Caligari is a nasty piece of work. But today is the day he gets his comeuppance. Today is the day he’s going to die.

Promising beautiful projections, original music and over eight hats, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs is a gloriously grisly tale of one scoundrel’s attempt at infamy.

©RWD14_Kill The Beast_157.JPG

He Had Hairy Hands

‘A deliciously macabre affair, rich and witty in its references, brilliantly detailed.’
★★★★ The Stage

WINNER Best Studio Show, Manchester Theatre Awards 2015

WINNER Peter Brook Festival Award 2014

BBC Top Pick of the Fringe 2014

The year is 1974, the sleepy town is Hemlock-Under-Lye and when werewolf attacks threaten tea-time, there’s only one person you can call.

He Had Hairy Hands is a multi-award-winning, critically-acclaimed comedy; a 1970’s detective werewolf mystery wrapped up in a hilarious Hammer Horror.

The maniacal troupe return with a new tale of supernatural slaughter – combining beautiful projections, original music and quite an important pigeon.


Don't Wake The Damp

'Kill the Beast delivers their best show yet – a neon drenched nightmare that’s as sharp as a needle made of lasers’
★★★★★ The Stage

WINNER The Stage Edinburgh Award 2016

Multi-award-winning comedy captains Kill the Beast present a new twisted tale, inspired by 80s monster movies, 90s gaming and cracking superhero theme-tunes.

The skyline of 2035 is looking a little strange. One by one, tower blocks are being demolished, foundations torn up. There are whispers of an evil from the deep, a damp darkness rising. But monster or no monster, June Berry won’t be leaving her home without a fight.

Don’t Wake The Damp combines boundary-pushing projection, razor-sharp wit and trademark physical comedy in a surreal, hilarious and a non-stop neon rollercoaster – grab a mop, and join the fight.


Director’s Cut

‘The fourth show by horror-comedy maestros Kill the Beast is majestically daft and incredibly funny’

★★★★ The Stage

Welcome to the worst film never made. Thankfully, there’s only one scene left to shoot.

The fire has been contained, the wigs have been sterilised, and the star has been replaced after The Accident. Surely, nothing else can be waiting in the dark…

Award-winning comedy captains Kill the Beast return with their brand new show:

Noises Off meets The Exorcist, Carrie meets Singin’ In The Rain. Combining live-film, original music, more wigs than ever before and a problematic monkey, Director’s Cut is a fast-paced, utterly silly and spine tingling adventure of haunted Hollywood hilarity.