Cheryl Dole - The Erudite Prole

Cheryl Dole is an on-going performance poetry project. A tribute to hard women living hard lives. A working-class mother-of-two from Newcastle, Cheryl is the voice of the 'Jeremy Kyle' generation - but not as you expect. Yes, she's obscene and yes, she's angry, but listen carefully and you may just realise she's also right.  

"Every obscene rant against gender relations, society, government and dodgy nightlife encounters had the audience rooting for David's perfectly tuned characterisation of the everywoman people in ordinary circumstances love to hate...Gasp inducing, offensive and gloriously satisfying to watch; Cumming's characterisation has cult viewing written all over his acrylic nails." 


Mad Cow

Filmed at Roundhouse Poetry Slam 2012



Filmed at Wardrobe Theatre, Jan 2016


Pastysmasher - Official Video

The official video for Cheryl Dole's debut single 'Pastysmasher'

More videos can be found on Cheryl's YouTube page here

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