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David Cumming is an professional actor, theatre-maker and musician living in London. Having worked in the industry for over 8 years, David has a wealth of experience in making/performing theatre and music in a wide variety of contexts, from regional UK tours to immersive theatrical experiences, 300+ crowds at music festivals to intimate cabaret stages, and world-renowned concert halls to grimy East London basements.  He has also done a few short films and commercials, none of which you will remember as they did not have very catchy jingles. 

David recently co-devised and co-directed the smash-hit sell-out show Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster, a modern beatbox re-imagining of Mary Shelley's classic gothic novel. The show was a Battersea Arts Centre production and ran from March-April 2018 to huge critical acclaim receiving 5 STARS from The Observer, The Stage and Miro Magazine. 

As an actor, David is a highly versatile performer who is just as much at ease in a comedy sketch as in a Classical tragedy or a big ol’ Broadway-style musical as well as being an experienced theatre-maker known for his useful input as either a performer or director/dramaturg at the R&D stage. He is also a skilled multi-role actor with a rubbery face and horse-sized teeth which, quite frankly, make for comedy gold. 

Being Northern, David likes pies and as such he has his fingers in a lot of them. He is variously a Co-Director of multi-award-winning comedy theatre company Kill the Beast, a jobbing actor, a Grade 8 flautist, Assistant Tutor to the Roundhouse Choir, a trained singer, a composer of incidental music, a performance-poet and the creator of a number of unique comedy characters. He has also in the past written on projects at the National Theatre (Studio) and Live Theatre, Newcastle.

Feel free to take a look around this site and find out more about all the things David gets up to when he is not eating poached eggs.