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David Cumming is a professional actor/writer/director and musician living in London. Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, David has a wealth of experience in making/performing theatre and music in a wide variety of contexts, from regional UK tours to immersive theatrical experiences, 300+ crowds at music festivals to intimate cabaret stages, and world-renowned concert halls to grimy East London basements.  He has also done a few short films and commercials, none of which you will remember as they did not have very catchy jingles. 

David recently co-devised and co-directed the smash-hit sell-out show Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster, a modern beatbox re-imagining of Mary Shelley's classic gothic novel. The show has received huge critical acclaim receiving ★★★★★ from The Observer, The Guardian, The Stage and Miro Magazine. In early 2019, Frankenstein won the OffWestEnd 2019 TBC Award for ‘Shows That Defy Categorisation’.

Being Northern, David likes pies and as such he has his fingers in a lot of them. He is variously an Artistic Director of multi-award-winning comedy theatre company Kill the Beast and new musical theatre company SpitLip, a jobbing actor, a Grade 8 flautist, Assistant Tutor to the Roundhouse Choir, a trained singer, a composer of incidental music, a performance-poet and the creator of a number of unique comedy characters. He has also in the past written on projects at the National Theatre (Studio) and Live Theatre, Newcastle.

As an actor, David is a highly versatile performer who is just as much at ease in a comedy sketch as in a Classical tragedy or a big ol’ Broadway-style musical as well as being an experienced theatre-maker known for his useful input as either a performer or director/dramaturg at the R&D stage. He is also a skilled multi-role actor with a rubbery face and horse-sized teeth which, quite frankly, make for comedy gold. 

Feel free to take a look around this site and find out more about all the things David gets up to when he is not eating poached eggs.